Monday, 14 October 2013

My MAC lipsticks

When I first started watching youtube videos and reading beauty blogs a couple of years back I noticed that pretty much everyone in the beauty community owned a mac lipstick or two...hundred, and I didn't understand what was so special about these lipsticks compared to the others, so one day I took the £15 plunge and brought Shy girl, my first ever mac lipstick and that was when I really started to notice why people loved them so much, there's a colour/finish out there for everyone, you don't like matte lipstick? perfect! there's a nice cremesheem there for you! oh, that's not what you're looking for? why not try a lustre finish! it's quite overwhelming when you go into a mac store and see the choice that they have and more than often i've walked out empty handed because there was too much choice.
Since I brought shy girl, I've brought another 4 of the little black bullets of beauty and I still want more.

Shy girl / RiRi Woo / Plumful / All fired up / Flat out fabulous

Shy girl, All fired up, Plumful, Flat out fabulous, RiRi Woo

Shy Girl: Mac describe it as a Creamy neutral coral beige, I think it's more of a peachy nude as opposed to a brown which suits my complexion nicely. It's a cremesheen formula which means it glides onto the lips easily and is moisturising I do find that if i don't scrub my lips before using this it settles into the cracks of my lips slightly and it lasts for about 2-3 hours on me. 

Plumful: A muted down plum colour with a lustre finish, this means that it's more sheer than the other lipsticks and this is actually my favorite mac lipstick that I own! It's the perfect autumn/winter colour and it's also moisturising on the lips. it's not too bright on the lips so it's perfect to wear everyday! I'm blaming Essiebutton for this purchase because it looked so gorgeous on her and she kept going on about it... that girl has the power to make me buy anything she raves about. 

RiRi Woo: I brought this back in May when Rihannas collection first launched by releasing this lipstick alone, it's a blue toned 'retro matte' lipstick which leaves your teeth looking extremely white! although it's a matte formula, I don't find that this is uncomfortable to wear on the lips and this lasts for up to 4/5 hours on me! I wore this on a night out and may have consumed a fair bit of alcohol and didn't touch up at any point during the night and when I got home it still looked perfect! this colour is extremely similar if not the same as ruby woo from the permanent collection if you're not able to get your hands on this lipstick.

All fired up: This lipstick is described as a bright fuchsia matte, After I brought RiRi Woo and fell in love I knew I had to get my hands on another retro matte formula... and then mac released a retro matte collection? they answered my prayers! one thing I will say about this lipstick is that it's a lot more drying that RiRi woo, I exfoliated my lips before applying and then after about 3 hours or wearing it I found that my lips looked flakey and when the lipstick faded it clung to those dry patches. it's such a beautiful colour and it's so long lasting I'm not going to complain about it.

Flat out fabulous: Mac say that this lipstick is a bright plum matte and I agree, yet it's more pinky purple in my opinion (I'm clearly great at describing colours). This is my least worn mac lipstick because it's so bright I can only wear this on a night out or a special occasion. this is also a retro matte formula and I brought it at the same time as All fired up and once again, I find this extremely drying in comparison to RiRi Woo.

The next mac lipstick I want to get are Girl about town as I have been obsessing over it for months... maybe a payday treat to myself? I'm going to steer away from the matte formulas and try out some others. 

Do you have any recommendations for me? I would love to know


  1. plumful is so pretty! creme cup is my most used xx

    1. It sure is! I need to get my hands on creme cup, It's on my to buy list!